Advantages of renovating before selling

30 de May de 2022
ventajas reformar antes de vender

Did you know that renovating a home before selling can become a magnificent investment for the owner?

Whether they want to sell their current home or have decided to buy a property and sell it for profit, considering a pre-sale renovation can be really interesting.

And it is that, whatever the case, both options can be incredibly beneficial.

We analyse one by one the advantages of renovating before selling. Take notes!

What are the benefits of renovating a for sale home?

Increase property value

The price of a renovated house versus an unrenovated second-hand house can have a difference of more than 25%.

The market price after a renovation increases automatically. A fact that translates directly into a higher profit and completely rules out the possibility of downward negotiations.

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Sell quicker

Another benefit offered by the renovation is to speed up the time of sale. The sight of a newly renovated home attracts buyers like a magnet.

Not only will we be differentiating our home above the rest, but we will also be offering interested buyers a ready-made and up-to-date home that they can enjoy from day one.

Better distribution

Second-hand homes often have difficult distributions, small rooms and narrow spaces.

Taking advantage of the renovation to change its distribution will allow you to make it more attractive. Some interesting changes may be the following: open the kitchen to the living room, eliminate unusable corridors or join two small rooms to incorporate a dressing room into the main bedroom.

A well thought out redistribution will make the house much brighter, more practical and more functional.

Energy savings

One of the most important aspects for home buyers today is that the house is as efficient as possible.

Awareness about sustainability is growing and taking advantage of renovations to make a home more efficient is a magnificent opportunity.

On the one hand, we will be covering one of the main requirements of the interested party and, on the other hand, we will be increasing the value of the property.

Without a doubt, renovating a home before selling is a great decision. Not doing so can lead to a longer sale time, being forced into lowering the initial price, and ending up with a small profit.

If you are thinking of making a real estate investment; turning to professional experts in the sector for advice can be of great help.

With KM2 Real Estate Services you will have the necessary peace of mind to carry on with this procedure. You will have the security of carrying out the appropriate steps in order to increase the profitability of your investments.

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