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What is the real estate after-sales service?

The mission is to establish a direct link between the buyer and the developer, attending and resolving all those questions and requests that may occur after the acquisition of your home, keeping track of incidents until they are fully resolved.

For developers, it has become an essential way to channel requests and/or claims from buyers/tenants ensuring their satisfaction.

What is the ideal after-sales service for promoters and clients?

Given that promoters after-sales service has the function of facilitating the resolution of problems that may arise before and after the sales process, factors most valued are summarized in five points:

  • Communication channels

    It is essential that buyers/tenants have different ways of notifying their doubts or problems through a phone number, apps, e-mail or  webpage chats.

    Customer contact

    By the time the customer has a problem on the property, it is important to be attended by a trained person and knowledgeable of the topic to understand the problem so the buyer/tenant feels your request is serviced.

  • Problem solving planning

    To optimize time and efficiency of repairs, there must be good communication between the company and tenants to arrange visits dates and times of possible buyers.

  • Incident tracking

    Keep informed the buyer/client of the problem status and the estimed solving time.

  • Customer loyalty

    Through surveys, we keep in contact with the buyer / tenant to get information to be able to offer them new services to optimize their experience.

Ideal after-sales service

The process begins before the delivery of the property

with an initial comprehensive inspection following this steps:

Identification → Planning → Resolution → Communication, to detect any possible incidents.

After-sale service benefits

For the promoter

  • • It improves the way clients see the promoter since having a specialized after-sales service which ensures that the professional has knowledge in incidents to offer better management of them to customers.
  • There is a reduction of incidents because they are solved by professionals of each field, who can guide and dissuade buyers from making meaningless claims.
  • Due having experience in this sector, it reduces costs and execution times by adequately planning the resolution of incidents on multiple floors, during the same day.
  • KM2 prepares weekly and monthly reports with KPIs showing incidents most relevant data expressed with graphs, for a better understanding.
  • As having a good after-sales services team builds important trust with customers.
  • Customers recurrence and recommendation is due from a good after-sales service reducing the cost of having new customers over time.

For the buyer

  • The owner or tenant who makes a claim will be attended by a single interlocutor who will guide him/her throughout the resolution process.
  • The after-sales manager will provide the owner, the required information about how the repairs will be carried out as well as keep him/her informed about the status and completion dates of it.
  • Those cases the after-sales service is integrated during the completion of the work, the number of incidents reported by the client is reduced by having better finishes on the floor.
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