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Specialized in Vertical Property Management

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We offer extensive experience in the resolution of contingencies; we are close and trustworthy.

At your disposal, you will have an Account Executive, a sector expert, which will be its only interlocutor and will:

  • Commercial management, drafting contracts, control of expirations, rents review and update.
  • Monthly settlements of collections and payments and management of supplies.
  • Management and settlement of IBI, VAT, IAES and personal income tax, insurance update.
  • Financial solvency analysis through Garantify and the Account Executives.
  • Incident management and replacement maintenance with specific control software.
  • Keys deliveries and deposit settlement. Setting up the property.
  • Reforms management: scope, licenses, contracts, access to the best conditions.
  • Legal advice, coordination and monitoring of evictions, solution to payment incidents, etc.
  • Recurring study of the possession situation in forced extension.
  • Eco-management through digital signature of documents and telematic Administration procedures.
  • Analysis and review of cadastral ratings: IBI impact, municipal capital gains…
  • Community fees payment and spills and reception of community of proprietors acts.

Know the benefits of having an administrator

1 – Integral adviser

Integral Consulting Guarantee technical, accounting and legal knowledge as a policy of continuous training.

2 – Rigorous Solvency Analysis

We carry out Solvency Analysis based on a rigorous study of the documentation of the potential tenant so we are interested in solvent tenants, from a socio-economic point of view. KM2’s NPL or default ratio is around 0.02%.

3 – Conflict Management Expertise

We are mediation experts between the property and the tenant to minimize conflicts.

4 – Incident Management Efficient Solutions

Management of incidents in a minimum time and excellent property management with insurance companies. We also work with highly competitive costs if the client should take care of repair.

5 – Experts in Commercial Management

Remarkable expertise in the KM2 internal commercial area and in the network of collaborating agencies management.

6 – Reliability Reports

Reliability of monthly reports of collections, invoices and settlements of the accounting area management due a leading software in the market.

7 – Properties Conservation

Periodic analysis of the property status giving advise on their conservation and improvement.
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