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Your real-estate assets in the best hands

We stand out for a management methodology implementation in the medium/long term, based on: the real-estate assets analysis, on the proposal of objectives, an action plan, and on the execution through a continuous and rigorous control of the risk/cost effectiveness.

  • Study of the leasing and possession status of all entities.
  • Maximum exploitation potential according to market conditions for the different levels of investment.
  • Preparation of business plan to update assets and exploitation improvements with profitability analysis associated with any investment.
  • Business plan execution.
  • Negotiation and advice in getting financing.
  • Fiscal backing from property advisers, contingency studies and management and investment risks.
  • Application of predictable quality standards defined together with the client: «base camp.»
  • Investment approaches/strategic divestment.

Benefits of managing a property with KM2

  • Personalized Attention

    At KM2 we are in continuous contact with the owners (the clients) and, above all, we are very focused on improving the users attention and the tenants (the clients of our clients).

  • Multidisciplinary team

    At KM2, we have a professional force team with different capacities: technical, legal, accounting, tax, commercial, etc., that allows to carry out services maximizing investment by optimizing the acquisition and management of real estate, minimizing investment and costs.

  • Periodic Review Investment Strategy

    We periodically analyze and advise on the best investment or divestment policy.

  • Welfare Guarantee

    KM2’s main objective is to strengthen commitment and continually reinforce trust with our clients. We are resolute trying to provide the best solutions working with optimism and positivity.

Working processes

Your counselor will work directly with you to create a unique Real Estate management plan tailored to your needs, so that you can increase, protect and conserve your real estate.

  • Current situation analysis

    Non-binding analysis of the current portfolio and its returns.

  • Diagnosis

    Identification of areas for management improvement of real-estate assets.

  • Value proposal

    Economic, financial and fiscal optimization of the property portfolio, according to each client specific needs.

  • Medium and long-term strategy design

    Specific details of services and actions to be carried out in order to reduce costs and increase returns on investment.

  • Execution action plan

    Assignment of a personal account executive who manages and administers all aspects related to the real-estate portfolio on a daily basis. 

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