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Legal Advice in the processes of Acquisition, investment or Divestment of Properties:

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  • Legal and Administrative Audits prior to making a decision on the acquisition or sale of a property. Anticipating the purchase or sale of a property is always advisable by carrying out a basic audit to sell or a wide-ranging audit to buy.
  • Negotiations for real-estate acquisition or sale. Negotiation and drafting of preparatory documents and private contracts between the parties, purchase option, deposit or purchase-sale.
  • Preparation and processing of the deed of purchase-sale. Documentation checking, habitability certificates, energy efficiency certificate and other required documentation. Deed preparation at the Notary’s Office and assistance in its granting. Payment of the transmission taxes and registration in the Property Registry.

Tax advice on real estate operations:

  • We give fully and professionally advise in forecasting tax expenditures from the sale (property transfer tax and documented legal acts, municipal capital gains, anticipated impact on personal income tax)

Advice on the formalization of Lease Agreements:

  • Study and legal qualification of the lease
  • Advice on the landlord and the tenant rights based on the current legal regulations at all times.
  • Lease contracts preparation and any type of addendum to it.
  • Development of solvency analysis of the tenant
  • Advice on non-payments claim and filing eviction lawsuits.
  • Interposition of any legal proceedings related to the lease of the property
  • Claim of damages produced in the property.

Advice on Contracts and Legal Agreements in general:

  • Promotion, construction and technical contracts.
  • Advice on Legal Certifications of current contracts and agreements for lease contracts resolution with Tenants on a permanent basis


KM2 Real-Estate Services offers you specific insurances for this sector.

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Advice, recommendation and insurance contracting are one of the most relevant processes in Property Administration and management. It is part of our know-how to give coverage, attention and try to get the best benefits for our clients.

  • Housing
  • Parking
  • Building Houses, Offices, etc.
  • Industrial buildings
  • Logistics warehouses
  • Commercial premises
  • New Build or Comprehensive Refurbishment Promotions
  • Income Default Insurance

Construction and Refurbishment

Refurbishment Plan: report that will allow the property to plan and schedule the actions to be carried out in the short, medium and long term for the refurbishment,

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conservation and / or adaptation of homes and common spaces of the property to the technical requirements regulated by current legislation. The Refurbishment Plan contains, as a minimum, the following:

  • Measurement status
  • Non-binding indicative budget for the implementation of the improvements and phases
  • Phased programming according to the repair work urgency and improving weaknesses based on the available resources.
  • Projects and work management: Improvement and/or refurbishment projects drafting and the management of works, health, safety and supervision of quality control. We also carry out the management and supervision for improvement and/or refurbishment works bidding processes, favoring significant savings over the original project appraisals, and we supervise contractors and industrialists to guarantee the quality, cost and timeframe of the actions.

Decoration and Setting of Spaces

In order to enhance your home and optimize its value, we realized space decoration projects to achieve the best impression on the first visit.

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  • Analysis of the housing needs and its target audience.
  • We establish a close relationship with customers in order to tailor each project to their needs and tastes.
  • Definition of empty spaces through furnishing.
  • Personalized decoration to create unique spaces through furniture providing warmth through textiles and styling.
  • Total housing equipment for its renting (adding furniture and styling, household utensils necessary to move in).
  • Restyling of furnished spaces.
  • Coordination of the different teams involved.
  • We make a professional photographic report at the end of the project for proper commercialization or personal enjoyment.

Technical services

In KM2 we provide our technical office to cover the architectural needs of our customers,

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thus facilitating the proper upkeep and maintenance of the managed properties. Our professional team of technicians and engineers works from technical excellence to add value in real-estate management by advising and solving technical problems that usually arise throughout the life of real-estate and buildings, based on the digitization of processes services and always acting in a transparent and objective manner.

From this technical office, we offer, among other services:

Technical Real-estate Due Diligence (seller or buyer):state of conservation verification and real-estate assets risk assessment, determining the technical characteristics, value and possible deficiencies in the state of conservation of a building, prior to a real estate operation.

Assessment of building state of conservation: periodic and mandatory control that the building owners must carry out to determine the state of conservation of their property (Technical Inspection), as well as the accessibility basic conditions and energy certification (which together with the ITE are the Report of Building Assessment). To do this, a technician in situ will carry out a visual inspection and write the official and one personalized report with a detailed description of the detected deficiencies, as possible damages, its origin and corrective measures. The technical office will also carry out the registration and management of that documentation at the competent authority.

Building book: it is documents set that constitute the file and record of the history and technical, legal and administrative incidents of that building. The book provides, to the owner or the owners community, all the information, relevant data and instructions required for the proper use of the building’s spaces and their correct maintenance, which ultimately lengthens its useful life preventing degradation.

Energy efficiency services: through this technical office we advise on measures that improve the building energy efficiency, as well as obtaining energy certifications:

  • Analysis of electricity billing
  • Feasibility analysis for the photovoltaic panel installations for shared self-consumption and charging points for electric vehicles
  • Energy audit
  • Energy performance certificate of the building and housing


KM2 Real Estate Services has a partnership with Alfred Smart Systems. Currently, there have been a significant number of collaborations.

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Te resuelve los siguientes puntos y muchos más en una única solución, flexible y integrable con demás sistemas IT y que podemos evolucionar y customizar con tus necesidades:

  • Digitalizar los accesos: abrir sin llaves supone un ahorro del 50% en costes operativos
  • La gestión digital de las incidencias: gestionar con menos personas más inmuebles
  • Eficiencia energética: altas y bajas de suministros más la monitorización para certificaciones LEED o BREEAM
  • Securización de los activos en construcción, comercialización y ocupación sin grandes costes

Hacer Click en la presentación de Alfred Smart Systems: https://hubs.ly/H0DC6TW0

Market Research and Valuation

KM2 carries out Market Research Studies and ad hoc Valuations based on our expertise and on the management of lots of data from our portfolio administration, offers and closings in direct marketing and, through third-party agents, data analysis from main sector sites, etc. that allows us to be deep market knowledge.

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KM2 valuations objective is to obtain Market Values, whether for rent or for sale, of real estate or buildings. Finally, we adjust the market studies outcome and the valuations to our clients goals: either for information purposes of the portfolio value, redistribution of the property, investment or divestment timing, etc.


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