How to make your home more efficient

23 de March de 2022
consejos para una vivienda eficiente

Sustainability and energy saving are very present today, not only in our society as a whole but also in the real estate sector.

More and more owners are deciding to invest in energy improvements to make their homes more sustainable.

The best time to start this transition into a more sustainable home is when you decide to carry out a rehabilitation or reform.

A unique opportunity whose impact will be doubly beneficial. On the one hand, it will report you significant economic savings, and on the other, it will have a direct impact on a revaluation of the property, sometimes up to 20%.

How can we find out the level of sustainability of our home? This information is collected in the property’s energy certificate. A rating scale from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least efficient.

6 tips to make your home more efficient

At KM2 Real Estate Services we want to share with you 6 ideas to turn your homes into more sustainable spaces.

Are you ready to become more sustainably efficient? Let’s go!

Choose thermal insulation

Did you know that the use of thermal insulation on floors, ceilings and walls can reduce the energy consumption of a building by up to 60%?

According to data from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings, a well-insulated building with good cladding can save up to 40% on the energy consumption of each property.

Double glazed windows

Without a doubt, the windows of a building are responsible for a large part of the energy performance.

If we opt for double-chamber glass, we will reinforce the most vulnerable part of the home, thus improving its thermal and acoustic insulation.

Efficient air conditioning and heating

The latest recommendations to help improve the ecological footprint go through the installation of biomass or geothermal boilers. A change that could mean energy savings of between 50% and 80%

Renewable energy

The installation of photovoltaic panels can supply a large part of the electricity consumption.

A renewable energy source that translates directly into energy savings and sustainability.

habitatge eficient

Efficient appliances

The use of the different electrical appliances in a home accounts for a large part of the total household consumption.

When updating your home, it is very interesting to bet on those that are more efficient, that is, those that are qualified with the A+, A++ or A+++ label.

Another small gesture that can have a direct impact on the reduction of the monthly bill is the substitution of halogen bulbs for LED lights. A change that would translate into a 45% total savings. Incredible, right?


Finally, it is interesting to be aware that automation systems also have a good impact on the reduction of energy costs.

Home automation can help us control lighting and air conditioning, among other functionalities, which translate into savings.

como hacer que una vivienda sea eficiente

Do you want to know more about the use of domotics in our homes? We recommend our article “Benefits of using home automation at home”.

Stepping into the world of sustainability only depends on you! Will you join us in making the world a more sustainable place?

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