Why trust KM2 to sell your house in Barcelona

19 de October de 2021
vender casa en barcelona

If you have decided to sell your house in Barcelona we want to make sure that you do it safely and profitably.

We tell you why our clients choose KM2 services to do so.

The benefits of selling your house in Barcelona with KM2

The owners who entrust the sale of their property to our real estate agency in Barcelona are placing their assets in the best hands.

We understand the importance of this decision, which is why we put all our knowledge, commitment, and professionalism into each step of the process.

What are the advantages for sellers?

  • Real Estate expertise. We have more than 41 years of experience in the sector. A long history that has endowed us with a great knowledge of the market and every corner of Barcelona.
  • We have a large team of tireless business advisers willing to sell our clients’ properties in the most profitable way possible.
  • We have a wide portfolio of clients who are interested in buying properties. We always find the perfect buyer.
  • We stand by your side throughout the entire process. We advise the owner by providing our knowledge of the market and the area, and taking into account the needs of each one.
  • We have a commercial department that is in charge of designing a customized commercial and marketing plan, with the aim of maximizing the selling price and minimizing market time.
  • We use different strategies to defend the salling price. Contrary to what can happen when a home is sold as a private individual, we know how to negotiate so that the price does not go down.
  • We remain by your side once the sale is signed. We offer our clients an after-sales service to resolve any incident that may arise.
  • We manage an extensive network of collaborators through the AGORA MLS real estate group of which we are part.

Do you want to know how much your apartment is currently worth in Barcelona? We put at your disposal our online valuation tool so you can discover the estimated price of your home. Find out now, completely for free, how much you can sell it for. Click here.

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Do you want to start the buying and selling process as soon as possible? Contact us, we will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

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