How can a Virtual Tour help you sell your house fast

17 de November de 2021
vender casa rapido

Did you know that the Virtual Tour has become a tool that allows homeowners to sell their homes faster than usual?

It is a digital technique that simulates entire apartments through a series of 360º photographs. These are assembled by means of special software, offering the user the sensation of being inside the hom

This tool allows the buyer to discover a new property in the comfort of their home, and walk through it calmly and as many times as they want.

Why could the Virtual Tour help you sell your house fast?

There are many advantages offered by this tool. A series of benefits that could both boost and accelerate real estate operations.

Initial Filter

It has been shown that listed properties that offer Virtual Tours usually filter interested buyers more efficiently, ruling out unnecessary physical visits.

A first look at the property through the virtual tour helps users picture what the house looks like. If they like it, they will then request a physical visit and the options of closing the sale will be much higher.


Un inmueble con tour virtual puede convertirse en el reclamo perfecto. No solo despierta el interés de los compradores, sino que, además, permita que la vivienda destaque por encima de las demás. Y es que, el anuncio de la vivienda es nuestro escaparate, cuanto más bonito y completo sea, mucho mejor.

A property with a virtual tour attracts more attention. Not only does it pique the interest of buyers, but it also allows your home to stand out from the rest amidst a sea of property advertisements. Thanks to it, your home will receive more visits.

No Visitation Limits

Buyers will have the opportunity to visit the property as many times as they wish, and to do so at any time of the day and from any place they want.

This allows them to walk through it calmly, focus on all details and remember every room.

Buying a home is not an impulsive decision, so having the opportunity to see and explore it as many times as you want is essential for the interested party to make a firm decision.

vender casa rapido barcelona tour virtual

At KM2 we offer owners the possibility to create a Virtual Tour for their properties.

We work with Matterport, the newest and highest quality technology on the market for the real estate sector.

What does it offer?

  • Virtualise a physical space
  • Get Photographs
  • Get 3D views of each floor
  • Create a tour

As their studies suggest, “Visitors are 300% more attracted to a 3D virtual tour than to 2D images.”

You can see an example of one of our Virtual Tours, here.

Are you interested in the Virtual Tour to sell your house fast? Contact our real estate agency in Barcelona and bet on the best sales technology.

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