Analysis of the average homebuyer profile in Spain in 2023

18 de April de 2024
Comprador vivienda España

Undoubtedly, 2023 was characterized by numerous changes in the real estate sector. Transformations that also influenced the average profile of the homebuyer in Spain.

What was their economic situation, what kind of properties did they prefer, what were their inclinations? Below, we share the findings extracted from the report Buying and selling experience in the first half of 2023“, prepared by the real estate portal Fotocasa.

What was the average profile of the homebuyer in Spain in 2023?

The report showed a proportional distribution between women and men, as both accounted for 50%. A balance that followed the patterns of previous years, with a subtle increase in women.

In terms of age, the average was 41 years old, with the following segments standing out in particular:

  1. Those between 35 and 44 made up 31% of buyers.
  2. The 25-34 age bracket accounted for 30%.

These age groups were predominant, given that both are in life stages associated with the search for independence, the formation of a household or moving for professional reasons.

In terms of socioeconomic status, the study indicates that:

  • 50% belonged to high or upper-middle socioeconomic levels.
  • Twenty-six percent were classified in the lower-middle or low category.
  • Twenty-three percent identified themselves as middle class.

These proportions were similar to those observed in previous years. However, there was a slight decrease in the middle class segment of buyers.

What did they value most when looking for a home?

The majority of those interested in purchasing property in 2023 prioritized the price of the property, with this being the most important aspect for 90% of them. The second most valued consideration was the number of rooms, relevant for 80%.

Also – for 70% – it was essential that the property be located in an attractive neighborhood.

And the features they considered least important?

  • Swimming pools.
  • Proximity to quality schools.
  • Inclusion of common areas in the property.

Terraces, which became a highly valued feature after the pandemic, saw their importance diminish in 2023, with a drop from 75% to 60%.

However, the proximity of the property to work or educational institutions became more important compared to 2022. It rose from 42% to 46%, representing a growth of four percentage points.

Comprador vivienda España

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