The benefits of our after-sales service to the buyer

14 de March de 2022
servicio postventa comprador

If in one of our last articles we told you about the benefits of the promoter’s after-sales service, today we want to continue providing you with more information about this very advantageous service. How? Telling you about the other party involved: the buyer.

Because they can also benefit from this service offered at KM2 Real Estate Service. Let’s find out!

The 3 main benefits of after-sales service for the buyer

There are three main advantages that buyers have with an efficient, decisive and attentive after-sales service.

A service whose main objective is to facilitate solutions to the problems or incidents that may arise in the sales process, either before, during or after.

A system that gives new owners the peace of mind of feeling accompanied and cared for at all times.

1/ They will have a single interlocutor

Any incident or claim by the owner or tenant will be handled by a single interlocutor.

It will be a real estate professional who will treat your case and guide you through the resolution process.

2/ At all times they will have information about incidents

Incidents are one of the most sensitive issues for both promoters and buyers. That is why we manage it in the best possible way, revolving them as soon as posible.

The key is providing all the information before, during and after any action is performed.

The buyer will be informed at all times about how the pertinent repairs will be carried out, their status, and the deadlines for completion.

3/They will see a reduced number of incidents

Another benefit of having an after-sales service is the reduction on the number of incidents.

If the after-sales service is integrated during the completion of the work, the total number of incidents reported by the client decreases considerably as there are better finishes in the homes.

Beneficios servicio de postventa al comprador

Do you want to know more about how our after-sales service can benefit the buyer?

You can contact our real estate consultants and they will provide you with all the relevant information.

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