Benefits of our after-sales service for promoters

8 de February de 2022
beneficios servicio postventa promotor

At KM2 Real Estate Services we are committed to providing a comprehensive after-sales service to our promoters, that does not end with the delivery of the homes, but rather continues and extends over time.

Our goal is to create a strong and direct link between the promoter and the buyer. How? Attending, managing and resolving all requests or incidents that may arise after the sale.

3 benefits of after-sales service for the promoter

The after-sales service for promoters is key to guaranteeing full buyer satisfaction. A service that gives them the security of being able to channel and resolve their requests, claims or incidents.

What benefits does this service provide?

Improve the client’s confidence and first impresion.

For the buyers, knowing that the promoter offers a specialized after-sales service adds security to the purchase. They know that they will have good professional support and, indeed, good management.

Decrease the number of incidents

The number of incidents is reduced since these are attended by experts with ample knowledge of the sector and subject at hand. They are in charge of dialoguing with buyers and dissuading them from presenting meaningless claims.

Cost and execution time reduction

The experience and mastery of the situation allow to exponentially reduce both execution times and costs. Exhaustive and adequate planning is carried out to solve incidents from different floors, on the same day.

For better incident control, at KM2 Real Estate Services we offer weekly and monthly reports to promoters, with KPIs which expose the more relevant data to be studied and taken into consideration.

A quality after-sales service is key to full buyer satisfaction.

Do you want to know more about our Promoter After-Sales Service? We encourage you to visit our website and/or contact our team for more information.

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