Steps for putting a flat for sale in Barcelona

9 de September de 2021
poner un piso a la venta en Barcelona

Putting a flat for sale in Barcelona shouldn’t be a stressful process if done correctly and following the right steps.

4 steps for successfully putting a flat for sale in Barcelona

At our Real Estate Agency in Barcelona, we have prepared a guide with the 4 most essential steps that will help owners sell their properties stress-free and with the best possible guarantees.

1. Property Valuation

The first thing to know when you want to sell a home is its market value. We advise our clients on how to set prices, which will depend on their objectives: either maximize profits or minimize time spent on the sale.

To discover the approximate selling price, we encourage you to make an online valuation. We put at your disposal an Instant Online Valuation tool where you can discover your property’s current market price for FREE. This value is just an orientation and it will be adjusted during a visit to the property by one of our expert appraisers, depending on the interests and needs of the seller.

2. Trust a reference real estate agency in Barcelona

Choosing a professional real estate agent with plenty of experience can be the best decision. It will allow you to save time and have the guarantee that all the right processes will be followed in order for the sale to be succesful.

At KM2 we provide our clients with a personalized sales plan adapted to their needs, taking care of the entire sales process: advertising the property, visits management, documentation management, notarization, etc.

Pasos para poner un piso a la venta en Barcelona

3. Marketing

The main objective of KM2 is to enhance the visibility of the property and, in particular, its attractiveness.

We achieve visibility by choosing the main real estate portals both nationally and internationally.

Attractiveness consists of conditioning the property, cleaning it, presenting it in an attractive way, having excellent photos and videos, and excellent copywriting. Techniques such as Home Staging allow our properties to stand out above the rest, and attract the attention of a greater number of buyers.

4. Have all the documentation in order

Preparing all the necessary documentation is another essential task to carry out the operation.

This is all the information the landlord needs to gather:

  • Simple land registry note
  • Last IBI receipt
  • Energy efficiency certificate
  • A certificate showing you are up-to-date with community payments
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Latest bills for household supplies
  • ITE certificate
  • The zero debt certificate
  • The deed of sale
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If you want to know more details about this topic, we recommend that you read our article This is the necessary documentation for selling an apartment.

At KM2 we want to help you put your apartment for sale in Barcelona. We guarantee a safe, profitable and efficient transaction.

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