What factors increase the value of a property?

8 de June de 2021
que factores aumentan el valor de una propiedad

The final price of a property is determined by the sum of several internal and external elements. It is very important to focus on those that can be improved to obtain the maximum profit if your intention is to sell the property. But what factors are those that determine the value of a property ? We explain them below.

10 factors that increase the selling price of a house or apartment

We could classify the value of a flat into two types of conditioning factors, immovable elements and changing elements. Both influence the final value of a property in the same way, the main difference is that some can be modified and others cannot.

The immovable elements would be those that are already fixed and determined by the type of property, and that no matter how much you want to, cannot be modified. Instead, the changing items are those that are in the hands of the owner. He/she decides if he/she wants to improve them in order to obtain greater profitability.

Immovable elements that influence the value of a home

The orientation, the height and the views: three variables that considerably influence the price. An attic will be much more valued than a first floor, as well as a floor with unobstructed views or a house that has a south-east orientation.

The type of property: if it is an apartment, a duplex or a single-family house, and if it is new, renovated or old. All this will conditio the value of the property.

The surface area: another determining factor is how many square meters does the house have. The smaller it is, the less you can ask for, although this factor depends a lot on the location of the property. A small apartment in a historical area of a big city can cost much more than a chalet located in another town.

Communal elements: having an elevator, swimming pool or gym, within the property building or community, will considerably increases the value.

The location: if the house is located in a good neighborhood, is well-connected to services and interest spots or near the beach, with shops, supermarkets and schools, also influences the value.

The annex: having a storage room and covered parking is a plus.

que influye en el precio de un piso

Fixed elements that influence the price of a property

The general condition of the property: an old property will not have the same value as a renovated one. That is why many owners decide to invest in reforming the property, to be able to sell it at a higher price.

Kitchen and bathrooms: the state of these two rooms greatly influences their value. A few bathrooms and a new kitchen will increase your selling price.

The equipment: that the property has heating and air conditioning will be an extra. As it can influence that it has parquet.

Energy efficiency: another imprtant factor, specially nowadays. The property’s energy efficiency, with low consumption light bulbs, well insulated or with solar panels, will increase the value.

When buying, it is important to consider all these factors. In addition, if in the future you want to sell the house or flat, these factors will determine the sale price along with the state of the real estate market at the time.

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