These are the conditions that a property must comply with in order to be rented out

6 de May de 2024
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As with any other procedure, choosing to rent a property involves more than simply deciding to do so; it entails a series of necessary steps.

Before proceeding, it is crucial to determine whether the property satisfies the necessary requirements to be able to be put up for rent. And what are these? We detail them for you, below.

Conditions that a property must meet in order to be rent

For a property to be suitable for renting, it must meet these five requirements:

  • To possess a kitchen and a bathroom in a functional state.
  • It must be formally registered in the Property Registry.
  • Have access to essential services such as water, electricity and gas.
  • Have a favorable energy efficiency evaluation, confirmed by a certificate.
  • Have a minimum usable area of 36 m2 and a ceiling height of no less than 2.50 meters.

Only by satisfying these aspects is it possible to acquire the certificate of occupancy; a report required in communities such as Catalonia that grants legal permission to acquire a property.

Renting a property without a certificate of occupancy

Leasing a property without this document can result in significant financial penalties. In fact, in Catalonia this fault is considered a serious infraction, with fines that can amount up to €9,000.

The imposition of these sanctions is justified because renting without the certificate of habitability allows the occupation of a space that does not meet basic standards, which can put the safety and well-being of tenants at risk.

Additional documentation required to rent a property

In addition to complying with the basic standards already mentioned, it is indispensable for every landlord to have the following documentation at hand in order to be able to lease a property under legal terms.

  • Title deeds: validate the owner’s legitimacy to offer the property for rent.
  • Valid identification (DNI, NIE or passport): essential to verify the identity of the parties to the contract.
  • Proof of up-to-date payments: these certify that the owner is up-to-date with obligations such as mortgages, community fees and utilities.
  • Energy efficiency certificate: must be issued by an authorized technician and evaluates the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the property.
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