The build to rent investment model is on the rise in Spain

17 de August de 2021
build to rent in Madrid

After the covid-19 crisis and with 17% of the Spanish population without plans to buy a property in the medium or long term, the doors have been opened for build to rent in Spain investments to settle in the country.

With a forecast of more than 80,000 rental homes to be built by 2028 in Spain, there is no doubt that this new trend represents an opportunity for both investors and tenants.

If you were not aware of this new trend among investors and large real estate consultancies, at KM2 we will tell you all about it.

What is build to rent?

Popularized in the United Kingdom to alleviate the effects of the high real estate prices, the build to rent proposes the creation of apartment buildings destined to be rented, instead of sold.

In addition, the luxury build to rent in Spain has also gained popularity in recent years, which focuses on cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia or Bilbao, and tries to attract clients with a high purchasing power, both for temporary and long-term rentals.

These homes seek to provide all the necessary comforts and services to tenants seeking long-term rentals, in central and well-connected locations.

What are these buildings and apartments like?

Buildings destined for build to rent tend to provide many services. These are conditioned for the new generations and even include all kinds of amenities such as Wi-Fi, swimming pools, Lounge areas, etc. in some cases.

In addition, the materials used for these constructions tend to be of higher quality, since endurance and resistance are prioritized so that they better withstand the passage of time.

Creating communities is also an important part of this new trend. The fact of creating both a select and an inclusive environment in these buildings makes the new generations feel inclined to take part. Communities that share leisure, common areas and recreational spaces such as swimming pools and solariums.

What advantages does the build to rent offer?

For investors, this new build to rent model allows them to take advantage of the increase in the demand for rental apartments.

For tenants, it solves a growing housing problem while providing high-quality homes, in many cases fully furnished, offering all the services they might need.

Do you want to know more about build to rent? From KM2, a real estate agency in Barcelona and Madrid, we put at your disposal a specialized team of professionals. We will advise and guide you in all your real estate transactions, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

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