Is it profitable to renovate an apartment before renting it?

9 de August de 2022
reformar piso

Renove an apartment is an important decision that many homeowners consider at specific moments, for example, when they decide to rent a property.

To carry out a reform, either integral or partial, is considered a full-fledged investment. A monetary disbursement that is made with a very concrete purpose: to obtain benefits.

But… How can we know if it is profitable to renovate an apartment before renting it? We analyze it!

Advantages of renovating an apartment before renting it out

According to the renovation platform Habitissimo, it is considered that renovate an apartment before renting it can increase the value of the property by up to 60%.

From KM2 Real Estate Services we have compiled the main advantages that owners get when renting a renovated apartment. Do you want to know what they are? We detail them all, below.

  • Revaluation of the house: Investing in a reform is synonymous with revaluation. The price of your home on the market will increase, allowing you to obtain a higher profitability if you are thinking of renting it.
  • Savings and energy efficiency: A small renovation of your apartment, such as changing to LED bulbs or installing insulated windows, will allow you more comfort in the room and savings on your bills.
  • Quality of life: A home directly influences the mood of individuals. So, by renovating your home you will be providing a higher quality of life to all those who reside in your property.
  • Faster rental: Tenants are looking for renovated properties adapted to their current needs. If your stay has these reforms, the rent is assured.
  • More space: To carry out a reform is the perfect time to modify everything you think is convenient. It adapts the house to the current needs that families may have today: open kitchens, spaces adapted to be able to telework, larger rooms…
  • Prevention of tenant-owner problems: Once your property has been renovated and rented, forget about problems. A renovated apartment significantly reduces possible incidents and repair requests from tenants.
  • Extension of the rental stay: If tenants make your apartment their home, they will decide to extend their rental stay, which will save you from having to constantly be looking for new tenants.

Thus, a home makeover before renting it out is always considered profitable. With a small investment, you can generate a long list of benefits that you should not overlook.

Now that you know why it is profitable to reform an apartment before renting it, from KM2 Real Estate Services, we will be happy to advise you and accompany you in this process from the first moment.

Contact or visit us in our real estate agency in Barcelona or Madrid, we are waiting for you!

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