Keys to sell an inherited apartment

26 de October de 2021
pasos para vender un piso heredado

To sell an inherited apartment in Barcelona does not have to be a complicated process if the appropriate steps are carried out at all times.

At KM2 there are many inherited home purchases and sales operations that we have carried out in Barcelona. Owners who have entrusted us with the sale of their apartments and who have been able to enjoy a safe, profitable and smooth transaction.

We share the essential steps and keys for achieving it.

1. Become the oficial owner

In order to start marketing a home, it is essential that you become the absolute owner and that you figure in the Land Registry. For this, it is necessary to:

  • Accept the inheritance and do it before a notary public. In the case of being several heirs, it will have to be done by public deed.
  • Gather the necessary documentation: testament, death certificate and certificate of last wills.
  • Pay the corresponding taxes:
  1. Inheritance and Donations Tax
  2. The Municipal Capital Gain.
  • Proceed to make the name change in the Property Registry, where the aforementioned documentation must be submitted.

Once all these steps have been carried out, you will have become the new owner of the home. So you will have all the powers and freedom to put it up for sale, whether you are a direct or non-direct heir.

And it is that, with the eradication of article 20 of the Mortgage Law last September, non-direct heirs now have a free hand to sell a property without limitations. Previously, they could not trade with the inherited home until after two years from the date of death.

“Las inscripciones de fincas o derechos reales adquiridos por herencia o legado, no surtirán efecto en cuanto a tercero hasta transcurridos dos años desde la fecha de la muerte del causante. Exceptúense las inscripciones por título de herencia testada o intestada, mejora o legado a favor de herederos forzosos”.

2. Know the sale price

The next step in selling an inherited apartment is to know the value that the property currently has on the market. Essential information to know the profitability of the transaction.

How to get a first idea of the estimated price of your property? With our online valuation tool.

We put at your disposal our online property price valuation tool. A tool that will allow you to, in just 2 minutes and for free, know for what price you could currently sell your apartment on the market.

You can do so here.

3. Trust the area experts

Finally, trusted professionals in the area will be your best guarantee of success. There is nothing better than leaving the sale of your home in the hands of experts.

A decision that will not only give you the security of carrying out a profitable operation but will also free you from all the necessary paperwork and formalities.

vender piso heredado en barcelona

If you want to sell an inherited apartment, at KM2, a real estate agency in Barcelona, we will be happy to help you reach your goals.

Contact our agents and bet on a fast, safe and worry-free transaction.

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