How to know the construction date of a property?

22 de December de 2022
construction date of a property

If your next objective is to acquire a property, there are many factors that you should take into consideration. Among these, the year of construction.

The reason? Those properties that are more antiquated tend to be in worse condition, both visually and in terms of electrical installations, plumbing, structures, etc.

In order that you know the date of construction of a property with accuracy and can make the right decision, from KM2 Servicios Inmobiliarios we detail everything you should know. Take note!

To know the date of construction of a property

As a general rule, we find two ways to know the exact year of construction of a property. Which ones?

Construction certificate:

The most reliable way to find out the year of construction of a property is to have the Certificate of Works. This allows to find out the year in which the building permit was granted for its construction.

Although it is usual not to have this document or not even to know its existence, in almost all the municipalities there is a historical file to which any citizen can go, where the dates of concession of the building permit are recorded.

In addition, if we do not locate this specific document, we will probably find copies of the basic and execution projects carried out by the technical experts who were entrusted with the design of the property.

It is worth commenting that these dates can be an approximate guide to the exact years, since first the project is carried out, the duration of which can range between one and three years, and then the execution of the works, which can last between one and three more years.

Cadastral information:

The quickest way to know the year of construction of a house is through the cadastral registry provided by the Cadastre, an administrative registry under the Ministry of Finance and Public Function in which rustic, urban properties and their special characteristics are described.

From the virtual cadastre we can obtain the following data:

  • Location of the property.
  • Cadastral reference.
  • Area of use.
  • Graphic representation.
  • Cadastral value.
  • Cadastral owner.
  • Year of construction.

Steps to follow to find out the year of construction of a house in the Cadastre:

  • Identify the property of which you wish to obtain information, through the cadastral reference or through the address of the apartment.
  • Click on the ”Data” box to obtain the corresponding construction date.
construction date of a property

Now that you know how to know the date of construction of a property, we invite you to discover the best properties for sale and rent available on our website.

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