How to buy a flat in Barcelona

19 de July de 2021
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Have you decided to step up and buy a flat in Barcelona? In today’s blog entry we share the necessary procedures to be able to do so.

Discover the 4 procedures to buy a flat in Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the most emblematic and representative places in Europe. Its climate, its atmosphere, its gastronomic variety, its cultural offer and the proximity of the beach and the sea make it the place chosen by many to live.

There is a high demand for housing in Barcelona, and that’s because buying an apartment in Barcelona is considered a magnificent investment.

These are the 4 procedures that you must carry out during the transaction:

Make a reservation

When the buyer finds the desired home, the first thing to do is reserve the property.

Sometimes a deposit is required, the amount of which may vary depending on the home’s type, price and characteristics. Once the reservation is signed, the property is withdrawn from the market.

Signature of the deposit contract

The next step will be the signing of the deposit. A private contract in which the buyer and seller commit to the transaction. This contract implies the payment of 10% of the sale price, although the percentage could vary depending on the case.

This deposit contract reflects the maximum date to carry out the operation, in addition to including default clauses.

In the event that the buyer backs down, he would lose the amount deposited; On the contrary, if it were the seller who desisted, he would have to pay the buyer twice the initial payment.

Deed of sale

This is the procedure with which the operation will be 100% effective. With the deed of sale all rights are transferred to the new owner. It will be at this time when the remaining amount of the payment is handled.

This must be signed before a notary and a copy must be sent to the Land Registry for the name on the ownership of the house to be recorded.

Tax payment

The purchase of a home, whether new or second-hand, involves payment and taxes.

  • On the one hand, the purchase taxes (ITP). These are equivalent to 10% of the sale price. In the case of second-hand homes, there is a reduction if the buyer is under 32 years of age and his income does not exceed € 30,000. Instead of 10%, 5% would be paid.
  • On the other hand, the costs of the transaction. These refer to the agency, the notary and the Property Registry fee.
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