How teleworking affects the real estate sector

13 de September de 2022
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From the moment the health emergency was declared by Covid-19, there have been many changes in our lives. Teleworking is one of the most important and seems to be the new future of the workplace.

But does it affect the real estate sector in any way, and does it really have advantages? Below, we analyze all these aspects.

How teleworking affects the real estate sector

Although it may seem that the real estate industry was hit hard by the pandemic, this is not entirely true. The real estate industry managed to stay afloat, even accelerating virtual visits to its portals.

As remote working was decreed, workers began to look for homes with more space that matched their preferences.

According to El Mundo, 565,523 homes were sold in 2021, the most in years. The highest number of real estate transactions were closed since 2007.

The purchase of second homes was also on the rise. According to Expansión Inmobiliario, demand for second homes increased 44% since the start of the pandemic.

It has also been shown that by spending more time in the home, homebuyers invest more money in improving the property, benefiting sectors such as construction, architecture and interior design. But what are the real benefits of teleworking?

Benefits of teleworking

  • Flexibility: Teleworking is usually synonymous with flexible hours, which allows the employee to organize his or her life completely. Added to this is the convenience of working in a private space of your own, avoiding possible distractions that may occur in the office.
  • Free time: By saving time commuting from home to the office, the employee has more free time and better time management, which translates into an increase in quality of life, mental health and overall well-being of the company.
  • Increased productivity: According to Forbes, when employees telecommute, their productivity increases while maintaining the same time commitment.
  • Economic and environmental impact: The implementation of teleworking translates into savings. Each employee saves on transportation to the workplace, clothing and meals. In addition, it reduces the carbon footprint of both the company and the employee.
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Now that you know all the benefits of telecommuting, we invite you to look for the property that best fits your preferences.

If your next goal is to buy and do it without worries, in KM2 Servicios Inmobiliarios we want to be part of the process.

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