How much do you pay for Municipal Capital Gain in Barcelona?

6 de September de 2021
cuanto se paga de plusvalia municipal en barcelona

When selling a flat in Barcelona one of your obligations is to pay the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land. But how much is paid for municipal capital gain in Barcelona? Let’s find out:

What is the Municipal Capital Gain?

The Municipal Capital Gain is a tax that depends on the City Council of each locality.

It refers to the increase in value that the property has experienced during the years in which it has been owned and until the moment of its sale.

That is, how much the property has appreciated during the years you have been its owner.

How to calculate the Municipal Capital Gain in Barcelona

To calculate the corresponding amount, we have to take into consideration the following factors that come into play::

1. The tax rate set by the City Council: it is the coefficient of increase that depends on the years of possession. The following table specifies the percentages set by the Barcelona City Council.

plusvalía municipal en barcelona
5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years

2. The time of possession of the property: the totality of years in which the property has been owned. From the date of acquisition to the date of transmission.

3. The cadastral value: a figure that we will find on the last IBI receipt or on the cadastre website. This value is calculated taking into account the location, the value of the soil and constriction and the production costs.

4. The percentage applicable to the cadastral value: we will obtain it by multiplying the years of possession by the corresponding increase coefficient.

Once we have all this information, we can calculate the tax base. How? We must multiply the cadastral value of the property’s land (step 3) by the result of the percentage to apply the cadastral value (the result of step 4).

Finally, we will only have to do one last operation to know our tax quota.

Tax Quota = Taxable Base x Barcelona Tax Rate *

The tax rate in Barcelona is set at 30% and the deadline to make the payment effective is 30 business days from the date of sale.

plusvalia municipal

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