Grants for young people to buy a home in Spain

20 de January de 2023
Grants for young people

Although last year 2022 the interest of young people in buying a property increased considerably, today it is still considered one of the main challenges in the real estate sector.

For this reason, with the main objective of benefiting young people, the Government and the different autonomous communities provide aid in the form of subsidies and sales tax rebates or public guarantees.

From KM2 Real Estate Services in this new blog entry, we detail all the grants for young people to buy a home in Spain. Don’t miss any detail!

Aid for the purchase of houses for young people

According to data collected by the study ”Young people and the real estate market in 2022”, six out of ten young people want to buy a home in the next five years.

However, the precariousness, temporariness or instability of their employment situation, coupled with the lack of savings, is an impediment.

Thus, the Government and the different Autonomous Communities put within their reach:

  • State aid for the purchase of real estate:

For those under 35 years of age who decide to buy a home, there is a state aid that consists of 30% of the total purchase price of the home, with a limit of 10.8000 €.

However, this aid is only suitable for those residing in municipalities with less than 10.000 inhabitants, as its main objective is to help promote their repopulation.

  • Regional aid for acquiring a property:

Some autonomous communities also offer financial aid to young people for the purchase of a home.

In the vast majority of cases, these aids consist of:

  • Subsidy of a percentage of the purchase price, usually up to a maximum of 11.000€.
  • Granting of a higher percentage of the mortgage (up to 95%).
  • Guarantee for the purchase through a mortgage loan.

There are also tax bonuses depending on each autonomous community for young people who decide to purchase a home before the age of 35. In the case of Catalonia, the transfer tax is reduced by 5% (general 10%).

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Grants for young people
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