Energy efficiency: the second most relevant factor when looking for a home

1 de December de 2023
eficiencia energética

In one of our previous posts – published in July 2023 – we already addressed the growing interest in buying sustainable properties in our country. Now, did you know that energy efficiency already ranks as the second most relevant factor for those looking for a home?

With the intention of getting all the details, we analyzed the report “Sustainability in the demand for housing in Spain”, prepared in collaboration between the Fotocasa portal and the real estate company Solvia.

Energy efficiency as a key aspect for those who are looking for a property

The study shows that:

  • 26.7% of those who prefer to buy and 23.4% of those who opt to rent consider sustainability to be the crucial factor in determining their choice.

In addition, respondents point out other relevant criteria in their decision. One of them?

  • Energy certification. It stands out as a conclusive aspect for 22.6% of the demand for housing for purchase and 16.8% for renting.

According to Víctor González, Solvia’s brand, communication and sustainability director:

“These results are due to the current economic situation. A situation that has led people to pay more attention to the costs associated with the property, such as thermal efficiency. These elements not only reduce household bills, but also improve the well-being of residents.”

When buying a second-hand home, the chances of having a green residence are reduced, as they often do not comply with the latest energy and sustainability regulations and need reforms.

According to the data obtained in the report, 47% of Spaniards planning to buy look for previously inhabited properties. Within this group:

  • 87% intend to make renovations to the property.
  • 83% consider sustainability criteria in the renovation process.

The key aspects they take into account during the remodeling?

  1. Maximize the use of natural light.
  2. Use renewable energy sources.
  3. Implement efficient ventilation systems and appliances.

In contrast, 48% of future homeowners opt for new homes. Of this set, 93% value that their new home meets some sustainability criteria such as:

  • Renewable energy sources.
  • A good ventilation system.
  • Efficient appliances.

Why go for sustainability in real estate?

Whether you are contemplating the possibility of acquiring a new property or improving the efficiency of your current one, it is important for you to know that promoting sustainability within the real estate sector entails several advantages, such as:

  1. Contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem and natural resources.
  2. Save on electricity, water and gas bills.
  3. Use non-toxic materials to ensure good air quality.
  4. Contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint and to the well-being of the community.

With our advisory service in the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency, KM2 Real Estate Services provides you with the necessary support to make a commitment to the environment.

What do we do for you?

  1. We analyze your electricity bill.
  2. We study the feasibility for the installation of solar energy systems and charging points for electric vehicles.
  3. We carry out energy audits.
  4. We obtain the energy efficiency certificate for both the building and the property.

If you are looking for a property that meets all your expectations, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the best properties in Barcelona and Madrid.

We are waiting for you at:

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