Increased interest in buying sustainable properties in Spain

4 de July de 2023
viviendas sostenibles

The climate crisis and the need to move towards a more sustainable future is at the center of debate in the real estate sector.

Society’s growing environmental awareness has led to a paradigm shift in the real estate sector. The result? An increase in demand for sustainable properties.

Increased interest in acquiring sustainable properties

Last June 2023, the real estate portal Fotocasa, together with the real estate company Solvia, prepared the report “Sustainability in the demand for housing in Spain“.

An analysis focused on more than 3,000 people, aged between 18 and 75 years old, who are actively looking for real estate in the country.

This report reveals that:

  • 45% of citizens looking for housing would be willing to pay more for a sustainable property.
  • 95.9% consider it important to live in a sustainable house. This percentage is very similar to the 95.1% recorded in 2022.
  • 53.5% would be willing to make an additional investment to ensure that their property has some level of sustainability.
  • 53.4% see sustainability as a long-term investment that would allow them to reduce their bills in the future.
  • 42.7% emphasize their concern for the environment.
  • 32.5% value the quality of materials used in home construction.

The elements related to sustainability that are most important according to the respondents?

  1. Thermal insulation.
  2. A good ventilation system.
  3. Efficient heating and lighting equipment.
  4. Water saving systems.
  5. Efficient appliances with energy label.

Why choose a sustainable home?

In addition to being fundamental to guarantee a more efficient model of society, promoting sustainability in the real estate sector offers multiple advantages:

  • Protecting the environment and preserving natural resources for future generations.
  • Saving on electricity, water and gas bills.
  • Use non-toxic materials that guarantee good air quality in the building.
  • Contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint and the well-being of the community in general.
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