Energy certificate: is it necessary to sell an apartment?

20 de December de 2022
certificado energético

Making the decision to sell an apartment entails the need to gather a large number of documents, as well as to carry out several procedures. One of them is to obtain the energy certificate.

If you also question its mandatory nature and you are interested in knowing to what extent the energy certificate is necessary to sell an apartment, from KM2 Real Estate Services we have collected everything you need to know. Take note!

Energy certificate to sell an apartment

According to the Royal Decree 235/2013, having the energy efficiency certificate is mandatory to sell an apartment throughout Spain.

This document allows to know the level of energy consumption of the property, as well as its C02 emission, that is to say, its level of energy efficiency. It is therefore an issue that affects both the environmental impact and the bills that we must settle each month.

When this certificate is registered, an energy label is obtained that shows the degree of efficiency of the home, with A being the highest score and G the least efficient.

Why is the energy certificate necessary?

The energy certificate and the energy label are now considered a right for the consumer. The consumer must be able to know the level of consumption and expenses that a house will produce, as these are key aspects when deciding on one property or another.

For this reason, the Law establishes that any advertisement published about a property must state its energy rating. Although it is common to see how many sellers and real estate agencies hang ads on these websites without the rating or specifying that it is in process, the truth is that the Administration could impose a fine for not mentioning it correctly.

Therefore, it is mandatory that the seller must provide the energy certificate to the new owner at the time of the sale or purchase.

Consequences of not having the energy certificate

Even going against the Law, there are sellers who decide not to obtain such certificate. As a consequence, according to the provisions of Law 8/2013, they are exposed to penalties that can amount to large monetary amounts. These fines are divided into minor, serious and very serious.

In the case of advertising a property without indicating its energy certification, it is a minor infraction. On the other hand, not providing the document to the new user in the purchase contract is considered a serious infringement.

How to request the energy certificate?

To request the energy certificate for a property, you only need to follow two simple steps:

  • Find an architect, technical architect or surveyor in the area and make an appointment to go to the house and perform the following actions:
  • Take measurements of the rooms.
  • Check the materials of the facade.
  • Inspect the heating and air conditioning installations.
  • Once the certificate has been issued, present it to the Autonomous Community or let the technician register the document.
energy certificate

Now that you know the need to have the energy certificate to sell an apartment, it is time to trust KM2 Real Estate Services. We put at your disposal a great team of professionals with the intention of helping you to sell your apartment and get the best results.

Do you want to start as soon as possible with the process of selling your apartment? Contact us, we will be happy to be part of the process.

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