Buying new build apartments: why it is the best option

30 de July de 2021
proyecto residencial madrid

To buy new build apartments in Barcelona or Madrid is right now one of the best options for many future owners.

New build developments are in high demand thanks to the many advantages they offer.

Sat with us and review all the reasons why the purchase of a new build home can become a success.

Advantages of buying a new build apartment

comprar piso de obra nueva en barcelona

It is a brand new property

One of the most valued advantages for buyers is the fact that they decorate and stage the entire home by themselves, and that no one has been living in it.

Thanks to this, you make sure that the property is in perfect condition, that it has been built using high-quality materials, and that there is no damage.

It is considered a long-term investment

The purchase of a new build apartment is undoubtedly considered an investment for the future. When purchased at the right current price, the value is very likely to go up during the next years.

promocion obra nueva madrid

Provides great flexibility

On many occasions, the purchase of these homes is done by looking at the blueprints. Therefore, they provide the owner with great payment flexibility during construction.

Allows customization

Acquiring a home before it is built, allows the buyer the possibility of personalizing it. Choose the distribution, the finishes, and of course what floor is it located on (if you prefer a ground floor, a first, an attic …).

Enjoy common areas

These types of promotions usually have wonderful, well-equipped common areas. Landscaped areas with swimming pools, children’s areas and even sports courts.

comprar piso de obra nueva en madrid

Guarantees to buy new build apartments

New construction promotions have different types of guarantees that cover defects, construction elements and structural elements. Something that gives the buyer great peace of mind and trust in the property.

Energy Saving

And finally, we had to include energy savings as one of the greatest advantages.

These types of apartments and houses are built with materials that provide great thermal and acoustic insulation. Therefore, the energy efficiency certificate usually has a very good rating.

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