What is the best time to sell my apartment?

17 de August de 2022
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Selling a property does not have to be a complicated task if you make the right decisions and if you have all the necessary information. There are many factors that are involved and the questions that one asks oneself at the time of this operation.

One of the most repeated among those owners who are thinking of selling a property is the following: ”What is the best time to sell my apartment?”

In today’s blog, we want to give you an answer to this question. Below, we explain exactly what time is considered a good time to sell.

This is one of the best times to sell your apartment

According to several studies carried out in our country, a large percentage of the Spanish population considers that the moment of buying or selling a home becomes one of the most stressful processes of their lives.

A solution that helps to reduce this stress is to know the perfect time to market the property. And we pose you the following reflection… At what time of the year do you have more free time, you are in a better mood and you are more positive? Correct! In the summer.

Don’t think that in summer the world comes to a standstill. Many people are still in town working, running errands and starting new projects.

In summer we all have more free time, so you can use it to carry out those small reforms or improvements that you haven’t found time to do yet. It is the time to thoroughly clean, depersonalize and give a coat of paint to your apartment before putting it up for sale.

Just like you, buyers also have more time available to visit homes at their leisure. Now is the time to show off all the good things about yours. Take the opportunity to make use of the air conditioning if you have it. With an adequate temperature you will create a favorable environment for buyers.

Bear in mind that, in summer, whoever decides to buy your apartment will have more time to move in. Not only will he be able to dedicate his free days to it, but he will also have the advantage that the city will have more parking and mobility facilities.

For everyone the return to routine is approaching and there are many people who start a new work project or have in mind to increase the family; so, it is likely that they are looking for a new home to meet their new needs. It is your moment

Another aspect that plays in your favor is that neither the websites nor the real estate portals close for vacations. What’s more, August is considered to be a month with a higher traffic of visits in the portals, according to Idealista.

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If your next goal is to sell and do it without worries, with the maximum guarantees and as fast as possible, in KM2 Real Estate Services we want to help you to achieve it.

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