The best neighbourhoods to live in Barcelona

29 de June de 2022
Los mejores barrios para vivir en Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the best cities to live in for many reasons. Choosing the perfect location to settle down and enjoy the city to its fullest is key, and requires an assessment of the areas to know which best suits your needs.

At KM2 Servicios Inmobiliarios we want to help you find your perfect residential area. And for this, we have prepared a list of the best neighbourhoods to live in Barcelona. Take note!

Barcelona: the perfect place to live in

Barcelona is considered a cosmopolitan city, innovative, technological and full of opportunities.

A place where many families – locals and from outside the Catalan capital – have established their homes throughout the years.

Barcelona has it all: sea, mountains, it is well communicated, has a big infrastructure, good climate, a wide educational offer, thriving culture, green spaces, renowned restaurants, prestigious health centres and much more!

are you curious to know about the best neighbourhoods to live in, in Barcelona? Let’s check them out!

The 5 best neighbourhoods to live in Barcelona

Did you know that Barcelona is divided into 10 districts with a total of 73 neighbourhoods?

Más de 100km2 de superficie en los que hay sitio para todos. Tanto aquellos que quieren disfrutar de la parte más auténtica de la ciudad, como los que prefieren tener el mar cerca de casa o aquellos que optan por zonas residenciales más alejadas del centro, encuentran su lugar.

More than 100km2 with room for everyone. Either those who want to enjoy the most authentic part of the city, those who prefer to have the sea close, or those who opt for residential areas further from the centre, will find their perfect spot.

These are the 5 best neighbourhoods to live in, in Barcelona. They won’t disappoint you!

1/ Sant Gervasi Galvany

Se trata de uno de los barrios más prestigiosos de la ciudad. Está situado en la zona alta y se considera una zona residencial perfecta para familias que buscan tranquilidad. 

One of the most prestigious neighbourhoods of the city. Located in the higher area of Barcelona, this residential area is perfect for families looking for a quiet and relaxed location.

An area in which privacy, spacious homes and services of all kinds coexist.

2/ El Putxet i Farró

Known, in the past, as the summer resort of the bourgeoisie. An area that belongs to the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and that stands out for its tranquillity and its good communications with the rest of the city.

We give you the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic neighbourhood thanks to the last available apartment in the Homer development. An incredible ground floor duplex of 90m2.

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3/ Les Corts

The Les Corts neighbourhood is the bridge between the tranquillity of the upper area and the characteristic hustle and bustle provided by the neighbourhood shops. Its proximity to one of the most powerful commercial hubs in the city (La Illa Diagonal), its proximity to Avenida Diagonal and its good housing options, make it a highly sought-after neighbourhood to live in.

¿Te encantaría vivir a escasos metros de la Avenida Diagonal, justo en frente del Centro Comercial L’Illa Diagonal?

Would you like to live close to avenida diagonal and L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Center?

Our Numancia Promotion is your best option!

mejores barrios para vivir en barcelona

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4/ El Poblenou

Its greatest attraction is its proximity to the sea. Having a few meters from home some of the main beaches of the city is a luxury. It is a booming neighbourhood due to the creation of the 22@ district.

If you love the beach, new-build homes and a vibrant atmosphere, you will love our Taulat 179 new-build promotion.

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5/ El Born

We could say that it is one of the neighbourhoods which best embodies the essence of the city. It is surrounded by historic buildings and lots and lots of life.

We cannot stop recommending our Comerç and Ribera promotion. A spectacular modernist building totally rehabilitated, with apartments for rent.

Los mejores barrios para vivir en Barcelona

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If your short-term plans include changing your neighbourhood, moving to the city for the first time or buying a flat in Barcelona, we encourage you to take a look at all our houses and apartments for sale and rent, available at KM2 Real Estate Services.

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