What aspects to take into account if you want to buy an apartment in Barcelona

28 de April de 2022
comprar un piso en barcelona

We are at a fantastic time to buy an apartment in Barcelona.

Banks continue to offer low-interest rates. A situation that has become the definitive springboard for many couples and families to take the big step and buy a home in the city.

Buy an apartment in Barcelona: the most important aspects to take into account

If you are actively searching for a house, we want to recommend some tips that you can apply during your visits.

Whether it is the first home you buy or if you already have experience, it is always interesting to take into account these small aspects so that you can handle all the information.

To ensure that you are making a good purchase and that you will not have unexpected surprises in the future, these 5 aspects will be decisive:

1. Useful square meters vs built square meters

One of the first aspects to look for when buying a flat is its size. You should consider not only the square meters built, but also specify the useful meters that the house has. The latter will be the ones you can really enjoy.

2. The importance of light

The visits do not always take place at the brightest moment of the day. For this reason, it is important that you make sure of the real brightness of the house, as well as its orientation.

A good way to do this is to visit at different times of the day so you can see how much natural light you will have.

3. ¿Are there any hidden damages?

If the house has been recently renovated you should not have any problem. Newly built or recently refurbished flats are at least 30% more efficient from an energy point of view.

Now, if it is a second-hand apartment, you should be interested in the state of the apartment and in those issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

For example, if the house is prone to humidity, perhaps there are doors that do not fit well, if the windows have good insulation or if the blinds work correctly.

All this will help you get an idea of the real state of the property.

4. All in order

Another fundamental aspect in order not to get any surprises after the signing, is to make sure beforehand that the house is free of charges.

Ask the former owners for proof of payment from the Neighborhood Community, supplies and IBI.

Take the opportunity to also make sure from what moment the home will be free. It may be the case that the former owners have requested an additional term to be able to move into their new home.

5. The community of owners

If the apartment is part of a vertical property in which there is a Community of Neighbors, you should be interested in the following issues, since they will directly affect you:

  • What is the amount of the community fee?
  • If there is any major spending approved
  • If any reform is planned in the building.

Three aspects that will allow you to get an idea of possible extra expenses, as well as the state of the community.

If you get the chance, talk to the neighbours. No one better than them can advise you on the whole atmosphere of the block, its security and the life in the neighbourhood.

comprar un piso en barcelona

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