Why is sustainable construction important in new housing?

21 de February de 2024
Construcción sostenible

After reading the report “Sustainability in the demand for housing in Spain”, we wanted to share one of the findings that most caught our attention: energy saving is positioned as the second priority for those who are looking for a new home.

What’s more, nearly 80% of Spaniards express their willingness to invest more in an eco-friendly home. This interest has prompted the construction industry to prioritize and apply ecological measures in the development of new buildings.

What is sustainable construction?

Sustainable construction encompasses multiple key aspects, both in the erection of the structure and in the architectural design of the house, with the aim of:

  • Minimize environmental impact.
  • Create green spaces in harmony with the natural environment.
  • Use natural resources as the basis for construction.

Why is sustainable construction important?

The construction of residential complexes requires a variety of materials, beyond the construction site. It is also essential to consider the impact on the manufacturing plants of these materials.

Improper disposal of waste from these projects can lead to serious problems, such as surface and ground water pollution.

Similarly, the daily operation of homes incurs emissions related to heating and cooling, in addition to high electricity and water use.

All of these factors underscore the importance of the construction industry driving a sustainable economy and committing to green practices in the development of new properties.

How do you achieve sustainability in new construction?

Currently, there are several alternatives, technological innovations and strategies that are already beginning to be incorporated in the development of new buildings, such as:

  • Technologies for the optimization of water consumption such as low-flow faucet systems.
  • Sustainable materials such as non-toxic paints and finishes or locally sourced products.
  • Measures to improve energy efficiency, such as the installation of solar panels.
  • Smart systems that enable efficient management of home functionality.

Why choose a new home?

These are some of the advantages that motivate so many Spaniards to opt for the purchase of newly built properties:

  • Greater peace of mind.
  • The possibility of using the property for the first time.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Access to premium finishes and materials.
  • Compliance with the latest building regulations.
Sustainable construction

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