What taxes do you have to pay when selling an apartment in Barcelona?

25 de June de 2021
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One of the main doubts that an owner has when he wants to sell an apartment in Barcelona, is what taxes he will have to pay. And it is that, as in any transaction, it is necessary to render accounts with the Tax Agency.

Information which we always take care of providing in a completely transparent and clear way, so that our clients are well informe and secure.

We share with all of you the taxes that must be paid with the sale of a property, and in which cases you might be exempt from doing so.

Taxes when selling an apartment in Barcelona

Purchase and sale operations are transactions that are subject to taxing. Specifically, there are two taxes that must be paid at the time of the sale of a property.

On the one hand, the municipal capital gain and on the other hand, IRPF (the personal income tax).

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Municipal capital gain

The municipal capital gain is a tribute that depends exclusively on the City Council of the town where the house is located. The settlement period is within 30 business days after the sale.

What does this tax refer to? Determine the increase in value that the land has experienced – where the property is located – during the entire time it has been owned by its owners.

When are you exempt from paying it? This tax must only be paid if the transmission price has been higher than the acquisition price. In those cases in which the value is equal or lower, it should not be paid.


What does this tax refer to? Determines the capital gain that has been obtained with the sale and purchase operation. As it is a benefit, it will have to be taxed on the income statement.

To find out the amount needed to pay in each case, you will have to calculate the difference between the sale value and the acquisition value.

The amount of the capital gain will determine the percentage of this tax.

  • Until 6000€: 19%
  • Between 6000€ and 50000€: 21%
  • Between 50000€ and 200000€: 23%
  • More than 200000€: 26%

When are you exempt from paying it? In those cases in which there is no capital gain, that is, if the house has been sold for a lower price than it was bought at the time, no payment will have to be made. Nonetheless, the operation will have to be presented in the income statement.

There are other cases in which you would be exempt from paying income tax:

  • Reinvestment on the main residence: if the entire amount of the sale is used to acquire a new main residence.
  • Dation in payment: if the capital gain has been obtained by a dation in payment.
  • Over 65s and dependents: if the property they sell is their main residence.
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