Virtual Tour: the perfect tool to sell an apartment quickly

23 de May de 2023
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The Coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the digitalization of the real estate market. Mobility restrictions forced owners to adapt and find new ways to show their properties for sale.

As a result, there was one tool in particular that reached a high rate of popularity and effectiveness to sell an apartment quickly. Which one? The Virtual Tour.

What is a Virtual Tour?

It is a way to explore the property without leaving home. A digital resource that uses virtual reality technologies and 3D photographs to simulate a real space.

It allows you to tour and visualize the property in a very complete way without having to physically go to the place, seeking to create a realistic and immersive experience.

What is a Virtual Tour for?

Its main function is to offer the potential buyer a global vision of the property to be sold.

It can be used as an additional and complementary content to the textual description and static photographs found in the advertisement.

In a way, it is a differentiating element that will attract the attention of any potential buyer. It will even allow the transaction to be closed quickly, since the Virtual Tour also serves as a filter. People who request a visit of a house with a Virtual Tour can consider themselves really interested; since they have been able to visit it previously and see its rooms in detail.

The advantages of the Virtual Tour for the buyer

These are some of the most outstanding benefits offered by the tool:

  • It is a way of being able to see the property without having to move. Something positive not only for people who live nearby, but also for those interested who live in another city or country.
  • Provides the opportunity to examine every detail of the property: dimensions, finishes, distribution and outdoor areas, among others. An excellent way to evaluate if it meets the buyer’s preferences and needs.
  • Allows interested parties to visit the property whenever they want and as many times as they want.
Sell an apartment quickly

Digitalization in KM2 Real Estate Services

At KM2 Servicios Inmobiliarios we set trends in real estate marketing. Every year we incorporate new publication and photography tools; Matterport, Virtual Tours and professional photographs.

Using a 360 degree camera we take pictures of all the rooms of the home.

  • We add specific information to each image, highlighting a point of interest or providing a textual description of the area.
  • With the help of specialized software, we unify the photographs in such a way that they form a virtual floor plan that follows a route.
  • We add the last elements such as general descriptions or the geolocation of the house, among others.

We invite you to discover how we would present your property now, here.

Our great expertise in Barcelona and Madrid has allowed us to make the dream of thousands of owners come true: sell an apartment quickly. Do you want to be the next one?

Contact now with our team of professionals in our real estate agency in Barcelona or Madrid.

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