This is how you can increase the price of your home thanks to Home Staging

16 de January de 2023
Home Staging

Making the decision to sell a property is not something you do many times in your life. In addition, many factors must be considered in order to capture the attention of potential buyers, with the objective of obtaining the highest possible profit.

For that reason, from KM2 Servicios Inmobiliarios, we want you to know how the Home Staging technique can help you to increase the price of your home, don’t miss any detail!

What is Home Staging

Home Staging is a term from the USA created in 1970 by Barbara Schwarz. It refers to the technique that transforms any space in a property into a more attractive place.

Its main objective is to generate an instant desire to buy through a series of small changes aimed at enhancing a home’s strengths.

How to increase the price of your home thanks to Home Staging

According to the Home Staging Association of Spain, the use of this technique increases the value of properties by up to 45%. Now, how can you apply home staging in your home?

We recommend you:

Paint the walls: Choosing neutral colors is always a good option that pleases almost everyone.

Get rid of what is unnecessary: Presenting the house with fewer objects produces a feeling of greater spaciousness.

Depersonalize the spaces: A potential buyer must be able to imagine living inside from the first minute. To do this, it will be necessary to get rid of personal objects that are in sight.

Enhance lighting: Opening the windows to make the most of natural light will enhance the strengths of the home.

Opt for neutral lighting: Although it is not possible to achieve a decoration that everyone likes, it is always better to use a range of neutral and uniform colors throughout the property.

Our service of decoration and ambience of spaces

In KM2 Real Estate Services we carry out decoration projects of spaces to achieve the best impression at first sight, enhancing your home and optimizing its value.

We put at your disposal:

  • Analysis of the needs of the dwelling and its public.
  • Definition of empty spaces through furnishing.
  • Personalized decoration to create unique spaces.
  • Total furnishing of the house when it is destined to be rented.
  • Restyling of already furnished spaces.
  • Realization of a photographic report for its correct commercialization.

Do not hesitate to contact professionals, in our real estate agency in Barcelona and Madrid, to request a personalized advice according to your needs.

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