Mistakes you can avoid when selling your apartment

22 de August de 2022
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Selling an apartment is not something that most people do repeatedly during their lives.

So, when starting this process, it is necessary to know the most common mistakes, in order to avoid them and achieve success in the transaction.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the 5 mistakes you can avoid when selling your apartment.

5 mistakes you can avoid when selling your apartment

  • The first impression is the one that counts

When you decide to sell your apartment, you should take care of every detail when showing it.

It will be necessary that the apartment is clean, tidy and uncluttered. We recommend that the apartment is furnished at the time of the visits, so the future tenant will have an idea of himself living there.

  • Do not waste the power of the Internet

It is essential to share ads about your apartment showing all its features, price and pictures. Anyone interested in buying your apartment will look for it on the Internet from the first moment.

Be sure to promote your apartment in the online world, using, for example, virtual reality technology.

  • Not setting the right price

Don’t set the price too high or too low. It should correspond to what you are offering.

We advise you to use the property valuation tool provided on our website, thanks to which you will discover the current market value of your apartment, allowing you to set the right price.

  • Not having the necessary documentation ready

You should have everything you need ready: do it in advance so that there are no unnecessary delays that may cause the potential buyer to find other options.

Having a legal support in the formalization of the negotiations and the closing of the same, will guarantee the legality of each of the rental processes.

  • Do not turn to professionals

From the moment you decide to sell your apartment, it would be a mistake not to go to professionals to manage the whole process of buying and selling. 

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In KM2 Real Estate Services we put at your disposal all the services mentioned above with the intention of helping you to sell your apartment and get the best results.

Do you want to start as soon as possible with the process of selling your apartment? Contact us, we will be happy to be part of the process.

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