Legal advice for real estate investments

17 de June de 2021
asesoramiento jurídico

Did you know that at KM2 we also offer legal advice for Real Estate Investments, Property Acquisition and Divestmens?

We have a legal department that is in charge, in an optimal, professional and decisive way, of all related procedures.

The best legal advice for real estate investments in Barcelona and Madrid

Having good legal advice team when investing in a property is essential to ensure a successful and safe transaction without surprises.

What functions do we carry out in KM2?

  • Legal-Administrative Audits prior to the decision-making process in the acquisition or sale of a property.

We anticipate the real estate operation by carrying out two types of audits: basic if it is a sale or wide-ranging if it is a purchase.

  • Negotiations in the buying and selling process.

We negotiate and draft all the necessary documentation to carry out the operation, as well as the pertinent contracts: private contracts, deposit contracts and / or sale contracts.

  • Verification of the provided documentation, such as the certificate of habitability and energy certificate.
  • Preparation and processing of the deed of sale, and assistance at the Notary’s Office.
  • Liquidation of taxes accrued by the transmission and processing of its registration in the Property Registry.
asesoramiento jurídico inversiones inmobiliarias

In addition to complete legal advice, at KM2 we also provide tax advice on real estate operations and legal advice on development, construction, technical, leasing contracts, etc.

If you are about to carry out a real estate investment, and you need professional advice, we recommend that you choose our team without hesitation. With it, you will get the peace of mind that comes by taking each step correctly.

You can contact us at any of our offices in Barcelona or Madrid. We will accompany you with the most comprehensive real estate services and advice.

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