Home Staging to sell a flat quickly

12 de July de 2021
vender un piso rápido en barcelona

The Home Staging technique has established itself as one of the essential tools to achieve the goal of any owner: to sell a flat quickly.

A service that not only has a large number of aesthetic benefits but also manages to speed up the entire sales process.

5 benefits of Home Staging to sell a flat quickly.

At KM2 we are in favour of using home staging to speed up the sales process.

Because did you know that the owners who use this real estate marketing technique manage to increase the final sale value of their property?

With it, we managed to do a facelift to the house to accelerate its commercialization and increase its sale value.

And you may wonder, what does this technique consist of? With it, you get to:

  • Repair imperfections.
  • Clean and tidy every room.
  • Improve Lightning
  • Neutralize the house decor in order to appeal to all tastes
  • Eliminate personal belongings.
  • Furnishing spaces in an attractive way provide warmth through textiles and styling.
  • Restyling dof furnished spaces.
  • Bring out the strengths of the property.
  • At the end of the project, a professional photographic report is made to be able to publish the images in the advertisement.

vender piso rápido en madrid

The 5 main benefits that Home Staging provides are the following:

  1. Speed in the sale of the house.
  2. Increase in sales value without downward negotiations.
  3. Profitable investment and much cheaper than that of a comprehensive reform.
  4. Differentiation of the property above the others in real estat platforms.
  5. Filter potential buyers and receive quality visits. The higher the number of quality visits, the more likely to close the sale.

If you want to sell a quick apartment in Barcelona or Madrid, do not hesitate to contact our real estate advisors. We will maximize the potential of your home to obtain the highest possible profitability.

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