Covid-19: Real-estate Digitalization

18 de February de 2021

The coronavirus has made multiple changes in our lives, and also, in the way we communicate and do business. That is why it is important to know how it has made us change in the real-estate sector and what all these types of changes entail.


The coronavirus has exposed what was happening in the real-estate sector. Confinement has forced sellers, buyers and agencies alike to adapt to new technological trends.


Many traditional companies have appreciated having to make this change to a new technological reality, which would not be long in the end. Many of them are aware that if they are not incorporated into this technological process, they could disappear.

However, many real-estate companies are still having a hard time adapting to this type of technology and especially in the strategies to position themselves in their target market and impact their target audience. That is why we want to share some strategies that are going very well for us in order to reach our target.

  • Offer valuable information to your clients: it is essential that your clients are informed at all times of all the procedures and laws that may exist. That is why it is important that your social networks are in constant movement and with dynamic publications every week. But above all it must be focused on informing and helping the user.
  • Create free guides: with the creation of free and easy-to-download real-estate guides, you can get a lot of information about your potential client, so we recommend that you always have a space on your website where the guides can be downloaded by leaving their contact information.
  • Do not fall into the literary routines for your copies: give life to your texts and do not fall into the monotony of “Beautiful and spacious apartment in …”. Use the Storytelling and tell the story of that property, an anecdote that the owners have experienced. Try to connect with future buyers, and above all that the images and videos accompany the story at all times. Try to use words that adapt to the environment of the property.
  • Create visual and auditory content: Creating visual and auditory content for your clients and potential clients will earn you positions. It is another way of offering information in a different way and with a touch of creativity that will make your social networks have more visits.
  • VIRTUAL REALITY AND MATTERPORT: one of the great innovations and contributions in the real-estate world is Matterport or virtual tours and virtual reality. These tools will help us so that the client can remotely view the property and get an idea of how it is.
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