Consumption associated with each letter of the energy efficiency certificate

25 de May de 2023
Certificado Eficiencia Energética

Did you know that, according to a recent study prepared by Fotocasa Research, since 2021 the demand for sustainable housing has increased by 30% in our country?

We are increasingly aware of how essential it is to take care of our planet and many of the actions we can take start in our own home.

The energy rating scale

We are talking about the system used to evaluate the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a home under normal conditions of use.

The score is represented by a letter – from A to G – indicating the kgCO2/m2 emissions generated.

  • Letter A: < 3.5
  • Letter B: < 6.5
  • Letter C: < 11.1
  • Letter D: < 17.7
  • Letter E: < 38.2
  • Letter F: < 43.2
  • Letter G: >= 43.2

According to data obtained by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), 80% of homes in Spain have a low energy efficiency, with an E, F or G evaluation.

In other words, they use an excessive amount of energy to maintain optimal habitability conditions. This may be due to several factors; poor thermal insulation, inefficient heating or cooling systems, air leakage and inadequate lighting, among others.

Specifically, 30% of these properties obtain a G rating, while only 0.3% achieve an A rating.

According to the same Institute, the buildings with the poorest results are in Catalonia. A region with many properties built before 1980, with an average age of around 50 years.

Consumption associated with each letter of the energy efficiency certificate

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) estimates that the monthly economic cost of each type of letter of the energy certificate in the year 2033 will be approximately:

  • Rating A: 30,00 €
  • Rating B: 93,00 €
  • Rating C: 195,00 €
  • Rating D: 200,00 €
  • Rating E: 210,00 €
  • Rating F: 270,00 €
  • Rating G: 320,00 €

Compared to the G rating, a house with an A rating can consume up to 90% less energy, while those with a B or C rating can consume between 70% and 35%.

Therefore, the difference in expenditure between a house with an energy efficiency A and a G can exceed 290,00 € per month.

energy efficiency certificate

Our advisory service for the adoption of sustainable measures

Betting on sustainability depends largely on you, but in KM2 we want to help you with everything that is in our power.

How can we help you?

  1. We analyze your electricity billing.
  2. We study the feasibility for the installation of photovoltaic panels and electric charging points.
  3. We carry out energy audits.
  4. We obtain the energy efficiency certificate of both the building and the house.

Do not hesitate to contact our real estate agency in Barcelona or Madrid to request more information.

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