What are our Comprehensive Promoter Services?

8 de November de 2021
servicio integral promotor barcelona

In our article today we want to tell you about our Comprehensive Promoter Services.

Thanks to this service we have been adding value to new construction and major rehabilitation projects for more than 20 years, being present from beginning to end: from product design, through marketing and ending with after-sales services.

We share all the details of this service below.

Learn about the comprehensive promoter services offered by KM2

We could divide our service into 4 key stages:

Advice on acquisitions

Our team of experts stands by our clients’ throughout the life of the project, providing personalized advice and sharing our knowledge of the market.

Product definition

We have a dedicated team of professionals, dedicated exclusively to the realization of the most optimal home designs. They are in charge of defining the distribution of the spaces, choosing the finishes for each room, selecting the qualities of the materials, etc.

Always taking into consideration our clients and consumer’s needs.


KM2‘s commercial department is responsible for designing a strategic and personalized plan to achieve our goal: maximize price and minimize selling time.

On the one hand, we design a Business Plan and on the other, a Marketing Plan. Thank to this, we achieve maximum visibility of the project.

In addition, we also take care of all document management and provide legal support until the deed is signed.

Before and After Sales

Our services continue during the pre-delivery phase and the after-sale.

Acompañamos a nuestros clientes antes de la entrega de la vivienda para asegurarnos de que está en perfectas condiciones y de que todo está en orden.
We accompany our clients before the delivery of the house to make sure that it is in perfect condition and that everything is in order.

Once the sale is closed, we provide an advisory service for any issue that may arise.

Servicio Integral al Promotor madrid

Are you interested in our Comprehensive Promoter Service? Contact our experts and bet on a professional, profitable and successful management.

We invite you to discover the latest promotions marketed by KM2, here.

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