The characteristics that every tenant looks for in a rental apartment

10 de January de 2023
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Currently, due to the large number of social changes that our country has experienced, the demand for rent has increased. Something that has led rental property owners to wonder; What do future tenants of a home pay attention to? What do they value most? What are their preferences?

So, with the aim of responding to all these aspects, from KM2 Real Estate Services we have prepared the definitive guide so that you know what tenants are looking for when renting an apartment. Don’t miss any detail!

What characteristics does a tenant looking for a rental apartment pay attention?

These are the five keys that a tenant values ​​the most when looking for a rental apartment:

Condition of the house:

The quality of life provided by a well-kept home will tip the balance when it comes to choosing the final apartment.

The most attractive properties for those who are in search of a home will be those that provide greater comfort and convenience, have updated spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as having doors and windows in good condition.

Dimensions and distribution:

The houses gain many points in favor if small changes are made such as reorganizing the available space, making the most of natural light or renewing the decoration.


Although it is not the only issue that someone looking for a rental apartment will consider, it is most likely the most important.

The tenant’s priority is to find an apartment with a suitable price and adjusted to their socioeconomic characteristics, while the owner wants to ensure the value and return on their investment. It will be the task of both to find a point of equilibrium.


Those who are looking for a rental property do not look for a property in isolation, but consider the area as a whole. An attractive neighborhood, an area that meets their expectations, the distance to work, the proximity to schools, sports centers or natural areas and the connections to public transport have a lot of weight in the final decision.


In recent years, this requirement has been increasing. We recommend equipping your home with class A appliances, LED bulbs, soundproofing, natural light and furniture made of environmentally friendly materials, as these are factors that will position your property as a favorite for many.

characteristics rental apartment

You already know, there are several features that every tenant is looking for in a rental apartment. From KM2 Real Estate Services we offer our clients forty-three years of experience in the sector.

If you want to start as soon as possible with the process of renting your property, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to be part of the process.

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