All you need to know about the young rent voucher

7 de July de 2022
bono joven de alquiler

A few months ago, the council of ministers, approved by Royal Decree Law 42/2022 the called ‘’young rent voucher’’. An aid destined to individuals between 18 and 35 years old with the intention to emancipate and rent a flat.

The objective of this aid is to give a little push to that young people and stop the obstacle about the high prices of rentals that is happening in several regions in the country.

Just as the Minister of Transports, Mobility and Urban Agenda notes, the intention is to facilitate the enjoyment of worthy housing and appropriate to young people under 35 years old.

Young rent voucher: what does it consist of

The young rent voucher forms part of the State Access Plan 2022-2025. The total budget intended for this new measure will be of 200 million of euros destined to the profiles according to the following requirements:

  • Ages between 18 and 35 years.
  • Be a Spanish citizen, European or third countries with legal residence in Spain.
  • The housing must be habitual resident of the solicitant. 
  • Be registered in it.
  • Have a regular source of income.
  • In the case that already living in a rental apartment, not owe any lease payments.
  • The total of rent does not exceed 600 euros for the complete housing and the 300 for room. Although, depending on the Autonomous Community and Municipality, this numbers can be elevated to 900 and 450 euros respectively.
  • That annual income of the beneficiary does not exceed 24318 euros.

The young rent voucher will have a durability of two years and the quantity will be 250 euros per month.

Know in which Autonomous Community is now available on request 

Currently, two Autonomous Communities are opened to call for proposals for this aid. In one side, Cataluña and, in the other side, the Valencian Community.

Next one to be able to do that will be Galicia, starting the 1 of July. Soon, is expected to open the request deadlines of the others Autonomous Communities. 

All points that a total of 77000 youngers will be beneficiated in all the country.

¿Where and how apply for grants? This will be able to do in a telematic or presential way through the offices of the Housing Department of the Autonomous Communities. 

Without any doubt, an initiative that with which is expected to give access to the rental market among young people in our country.

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