The advantages of trusting a Real Estate Association for the seller

20 de June de 2022
asociacion inmobiliaria barcelona madrid

As you might already know, at KM2 Real Estate Services we have become part of 4 different real estate associations: Agora MLSImmosomniFAI and, recently, of BPI Madrid.

In today’s article, we want to share with you the main advantages that the sellers of property will get when trusting a Real Estate agency who is part of an Association, in order to sell their property.

¿Are you ready? ¡Take notes!

6 advantages of trusting a Real Estate Association

There are many owners who trust Spanish Real Estate Associations every year to manage the sale of their properties.

A decision that allows them to have a wide range of professionals at their disposal, who will work with a common goal: selling their property and obtein the highest profit.

Which are the main benefit that they will obtain?

– Increase the sale speed

The sale capacity of a property is automatically multiplied. The reason? The opportunities for dissemination, promotion and marketing are increased and maximized due to the increase in commercial resources allocated to sales.

– Tight service relation

We work every day to generate a close and trusting service relationship, while always defending the interests of our clients.

– Continuous professional development of the agents

The associated real estate agents receive continuous high-quality training that allows them to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the sector, while at the same time developing their services in a professional manner.

– Leading the industry

Real estate agencies are up to date with all the techniques, tools and commercial developments that can help boost the sale of client properties.

– Multitude of services at your fingertips

Sellers who trust Real Estate Associations have a wide range of services at their disposal: financial services, after-sales services, legal and tax advice, comparative market analysis, negotiations, marketing plans and sales plans.

– Accessibility to interesting Databases

Owners have the opportunity to benefit from extensive portfolios of buyer clients as well as investor portfolios. Extensive databases where the final buyer can be found.

In short, the most interesting advantage for sellers will be the facilities provided by the association and the agility of the sale.

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