5 factors to consider before buying a property

18 de January de 2023
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If your next goal for this new year is to find the home of your dreams, chances are you’re making visits to the homes that best fit your needs before making your final decision.

However, you should know what to pay attention to when visiting a property in order to obtain all the information you need to make your decision.

For that reason, from KM2 Real Estate Services we have collected the factors you should take into account before buying a property, so don’t miss any detail!

5 factors to consider before buying a property

You may think that visiting a house to assess whether you are interested in it is no mystery. Well, you are not quite right. And there are some aspects that we recommend you to pay attention to when visiting a property of your interest.

Which ones? Here are the details.

  • Go with enough time:

It is a mistake to plan many visits in a single day. The last thing you should be in a hurry when making such an important decision.

About sixty minutes are considered necessary to examine both the interior and exterior of a property properly.

  • Check both the interior and exterior:

Whatever type of home you’re looking for, you’re not just buying the interior, but the whole package.

For this reason, it will be necessary to carry out an examination of its outer perimeter, facade, elevators, landings, property boundaries, roofs…

  • Come at the right time:

In order to really evaluate an option, we recommend you to visit it at the time of the day with more light, which will allow you to evaluate all the necessary aspects and get an idea according to reality.

  • Request the necessary documentation:

It is highly advisable to take advantage of the visits to the properties to know aspects related to the latest reforms, pending economic charges, monthly expenses, bylaws, taxes to be paid and others, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises once the purchase has been made.

  • Ask questions:

Do not forget to ask everything you are interested in knowing about the property you are visiting. For example, aspects related to the reason for its sale, the number of neighbors in the building, the traffic in the area, the fees…

buying a property

Now that you know what factors you should take into account before buying a property, we invite you to discover our wide range of properties for sale and rent.

Do not hesitate to contact KM2 Real Estate Services, in our real estate agency in Barcelona or Madrid. We have a team of commercial advisors that will not stop until you find your new home.

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